• To organize, encourage and promote Jeet Kune-Do in India.
  • To provide facilities for training in Jeet Kune-Do and render assistance to individuals and organizations for promotion of JKD training.
  • To Train, select and ensure representation of Jeet Kune-Do players for state, national and international Jeet Kune-Do Completions.
  • To ensure that all contests open to members shall be organized under the rules of the International Jeet Kune-Do Federation.
  • To Diffuse useful knowledge and technique in Jeet Kune-Do by publishing literature in any form as it deems proper pr by arranging meets in various parts of state / Country and participating in meets in State / Country and abroad.
  • To form Rules and Regulations in accordance with Rules of International Jeet Kune-Do Federation for the conduct of championship.
  • To affiliate with International Jeet Kune-Do Federation / State Olympic Association / Indian Olympic Association / International Olympic Committee and other concerned sports organizations from time to time.
  • To ensure, purchase, build, construct or take on lease or in exchange or hire any movable or immovable property or right or privileges which the federation may, think necessary or convenient for any of the purpose for which it is established.
  • To require the sports council / central or state government authorities to allot separate place and time for the use of the places , equipments under their control for the competitors to trained by the federation for State , National / International level completions.
  • To, receive, collect, accept any gift subscriptions and donations either in cash or in kind or acquire by lawful ways and means and spend the same in fulfillment of all or any other aims and subject of the federation.